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    Are you worried about how you will handle the ruinous costs of long-term care?

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    Are you worried about how you will handle the ruinous costs of long-term care?

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How will you handle the enormous costs
of long-term care for debilitating illness or injury?

This special site is designed to be an informative Elder Law resource for you and your family. You'll find detailed information on your particular situation related to Elder Law planning, home care, nursing home care, Medicaid planning and issues surrounding Alzheimer's and dementia. Each section contains discussions of the problems commonly encountered, and the effective legal solutions a Lamson & Cutner Elder Law attorney can implement for you in New York State. Lamson & Cutner provides Elder Law services in the New York City Metropolitan area (including Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Nassau and Suffolk) and Westchester County, NY and other nearby counties.

info/at/lamson-cutner.com | NY (212) 447-8690 | Westchester (914) 732-3636

For a discussion of your needs, click on one of the following
links that may fit your Elder Law planning or Medicaid planning situation:

About Us

As a firm that focuses on New York Elder Law, Lamson & Cutner recognizes that seniors, and particularly seniors with disabilities, are an extremely vulnerable population. While Lamson & Cutner's primary focus is on planning, the firm won't hesitate to go to bat for its clients when they need a strong advocate. Whether the problem is a bank refusing to recognize a valid power of attorney, a financial institution selling an inappropriate investment, or Medicaid making an improper demand for a spousal contribution, Lamson & Cutner will zealously defend its clients' interests. Lamson & Cutner provides Elder Law services in Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Nassau, Suffolk, and in Rockland, Orange, Putnam, Dutchess and Westchester Counties through its office in Harrison, New York.

What Clients Are Saying

  • "We Could Never Have Handled This Ourselves"

    My 89 year old mom fell and broke both shoulders and one was dislocated. The hospital would only let my mom stay a few days. We had to quickly find a rehabilitation facility and start to put her affairs in order. David Cutner was a wealth of information and guided my family through what needed to be done and worked with us until we had our mom home and home care set up for her. She just turned 90 and is doing extremely well. We could never have handled this ourselves nor have gotten to this point without all the hard work of David Cutner and his staff.

    — Marie J. Tully

  • I Feel Truly Blessed.

    ...they sat down with me over a period of weeks and worked through the process of getting the help I sought and assistance I needed that had eluded me for so long. I found them to be not only professional, but very concerned and caring. This meant a lot to me. In a few months we were able to get the answers I had been searching for over a period of years without results... I would recommend the firm of Lamson & Cutner, P.C. to anyone who is disabled and/or elderly or has a family member in need of assistance. Doing it on your own is difficult if not impossible, as I found out the hard way and lost a lot of years that I can never get back...They turned a very negative experience into a positive opportunity to set my affairs straight and get my life moving forward in the right direction... I feel truly blessed."

    — Ruben R. Allen

  • We Couldn't Recommend [L&C] More Highly.

    Both my sister Harriet & I would like to thank Mrs. Lamson and yourself & all the team who helped us so much in preparing the way for my Father's successful application to Medicaid. There was a real support guiding us through the minefield that is the application process....The staff was very caring and responsive to our needs and continues to be so....We couldn't recommend them more highly."

    — Deanna Littell

  • I Had a Million Questions and Concerns

    My father had a stroke in October of 2013. I was scared and confused. When I first met Mr. Cutner he sat with me for a long time explaining everything and what my options were. I felt as if he really cared about me and my dad. After meeting with this kind, gentle, man I felt like a weight was lifted even though there was a long road ahead. Well, it didn't stop there. He introduced me to Karen Mancuso who worked with me in the most nurturing and professional way. I had a million questions and concerns and never once did she make me feel like I was being a nuisance. She handled everything with care and me, with kid gloves.

    Well once again, it didn't stop there, Traci Blake, a kind and caring person who made sure I had everything needed to get everything done in a timely manner. And, last but not least, thank you Tracy Connors for answering my many questions and concerns with the utmost knowledge and professionalism. It was a most difficult time and I have to say that the team of people at Lamson and Cutner made me feel like I was not alone and they would be there for me and my dad always. I just can€t say thank you enough times to these wonderful people."

    — Randi

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