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The videos you can find here explain various aspects of Estate Planning and Elder Law.  More of our videos can be found on YouTube.  Our goal is for you to learn as much as possible, so you feel confident in the plan we develop together.

Every situation is unique, so every solution is unique.  Our attorneys have decades of experience in guiding clients through the steps of creating an individualized estate plan, Elder Law plan, or a plan that integrates both.

Involving a professional to determine the best path forward for you takes an investment of time and money.  But keep your eye on the goal – the effort involved will pay off tremendously.  The results can enable you to preserve your life’s savings, and also gain real peace of mind.

Estate Planning

What is a will?  What is a trust, what kinds of trusts are there, and how are they used?  These and other estate planning questions are answered in these videos.

Long-Term Care

The financial costs of long-term care are ruinous.  Learn why that is, and what you can do to prevent those costs from using up your entire life’s savings

Medicare and Medicaid

What is the difference between Medicare and Medicaid?  Learn what each covers, and why you need to plan now for your long-term care.

  1. What is the Difference between Medicare and Medicaid?
  2. Is Medicaid for Everyone?
  3. Why Should you Plan for Long-Term Care?
  4. Paying for Long-Term Care

Transferring Assets

What are the reasons that people transfer their assets when they’re planning for their long-term care?  These videos discuss why and how people transfer their assets, and discuss the pluses and minuses of transferring their assets to another person, or to a trust.

  1. Will I Get in Trouble If I Transfer My Assets?
  2. Where Should You Transfer Your Assets?
  3. Should I Transfer My Assets To a Family Member or to a Trust?
  4. What is a Medicaid Trust?

Community Medicaid

What is Community Medicaid, what does it cover, what are some of the rules that govern how you can access it, and what assets count when Medicaid determines your eligibility.  An upcoming new video will discuss the changes to the Medicaid program that were enacted in New York State in April 2020, that began to take effect on October 1, 2020.

  1. What is Spousal Refusal?
  2. Is My Home Exempt from Medicaid?
  3. Community Medicaid vs. Institutional Medicaid
  4. What Happens to Income on Community Medicaid

Nursing Home Medicaid

These videos cover the five-year “look back” that Medicaid takes into account when someone applies for Nursing Home Medicaid, what happens to your income, how to calculate the Nursing Home Penalty Period, and more.

  1. What is the Five-Year Look Back?
  2. What Happens to Your Income When You’re in a Nursing Home?
  3. How to Calculate the Nursing Home Penalty Period
  4. Do Gifts Count Against Medicaid?
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