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Predictability is essential. The essence of successful planning is predictability. You know exactly what’s going to happen because you set it up that way, using the best possible information, advice and methods available.

This is why it’s critical to retain competent professionals to handle your work, both at the initial stage and annually, for Medicaid’s required recertification each year. Elder Law attorneys have detailed knowledge of trusts, estates, elder financial planning, Medicaid, Medicare, guardianship considerations, as well as experience in drafting all the necessary documents properly. Errors can be very costly. How will you pay for your care if your benefits are denied or revoked?

When you select a firm, you’ll want to know something about its philosophy, because there can be some key differences in approach among Elder Law attorneys. Here are three specific elements to look for. If a firm can meet these criteria, you’ll likely get the best possible result from its representation:

-Tried and true techniques. The lawyers you choose should employ methods that have a proven track record of producing reliable outcomes. While aggressive, “cutting edge” strategies might sound appealing, they usually come with added risks that may be difficult to quantify. There are firms that will, in certain circumstances, use approaches that could result in litigation with Medicaid. This is the equivalent of courtroom roulette with a client’s future. If a matter ends up in court, there’s no guarantee as to how it will turn out, even if your case seems very strong. Novel strategies are potentially dangerous to your future financial stability. You shouldn’t be exposed to that risk, even if it’s a small one. Always ask your lawyer if what he or she is suggesting is a well-established method, and carefully consider whether you can afford to assume the risk of an unproven strategy.

-Focus on results. When you sit down with an Elder law attorney for an initial consultation, you have the right to expect a detailed analysis of your circumstances, as well as specific recommendations as to what should be done to get the best overall legal and financial result. If you don’t come away from the meeting with a clear idea of the benefits that can be obtained and specifically how to achieve them, that should give you cause for concern.

-Personal attention. Dealing with a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s or dementia is frightening and unsettling for anyone, including family members. The last thing you need is more stress from your lawyer. You want personalized service, attention to detail, and prompt, professional responses to your questions and concerns. That makes your life a lot easier. If you don’t have the sense that a firm’s attorneys and staff are service-oriented, don’t hire them.

These are the cornerstones of Lamson & Cutner’s approach to representing all of its clients. It’s why the firm has a well-established history of offering a conservative, service-based approach, and a track record of delivering reliable results.
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