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Position yourself advantageously. Where you live has a major influence on the benefits you can get through Medicaid. Since Medicaid is partly funded by state and local dollars, the state in which you reside will determine the scope of the program through which you’ll receive your benefits.

New York has a particularly generous Medicaid program. Unfortunately many other states don’t. So what that means is that it’s a good idea to consider your residency going forward. If professional home care is eventually needed, which can be an exorbitant cost, you may not be able to obtain sufficient home care benefits to pay for it in other states.

The whole notion of retiring or residing in a state with a warmer, more attractive climate, such as in the South or Southwest, presents this issue. You may want to investigate the benefits and programs available in the state where you would like to live, as well as the number and quality of service providers there.

Since care for Alzheimer’s disease is among the most expensive of all medical conditions, the cost is far beyond the resources of most patients and their families, unless they’re wealthy. So, all things considered, it can be to your best advantage to stay here in New York, or to move back here if you’re now living elsewhere. You’ll then have access to one of the most well funded Medicaid programs in the entire country, as well as a wide choice of service providers.
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Top Ten Elder Law Strategies for Alzheimer’s Patients and Their Families

  1. Investigate Elder Law Planning Immediately if You Suspect Alzheimer’s or Dementia
  2. Asset Protection is Imperative for Alzheimer’s & Dementia Patients
  3. It’s Not Too Late to Plan an Elder Law Strategy
  4. Obtain Valuable Services for an Alzheimer’s or Dementia Patient and Preserve Their Dignity
  5. Predictability + Track Record Equals Successful Elder Law Planning!
  6. Alzheimer’s & Dementia and the Durable Power of Attorney.
  7. Caregiver Agreement & Alzheimer’s Disease.
  8. Health Care Proxy, Advance Directives & Alzheimer’s Disease
  9. New York Medicaid & Alzheimer’s Disease – NY Residency Matters
  10. Recertification is Essential to Maintain Medicaid Benefits for Alzheimer’s & Dementia Patients
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