Only an Experienced Elder Law Attorney Is Qualified to Assist You with Medicaid Eligibility

Many people think that they can save money by preparing their own Medicaid application, or having a family member complete it. Additionally, there is a growing industry of independent paralegals, social workers, and geriatric care managers, who have gone into the business of preparing Medicaid applications and advising clients on Medicaid planning.

However, the Medicaid application is a complicated and confusing document, and for most people, qualifying for eligibility will involve careful and often complex legal and financial planning. Filling out the application incorrectly, or improperly handling how your assets are managed and structured can result in a denial of eligibility all altogether or, a costly delay of the ability to qualify. This can have devastating financial consequences for the applicant. Only an experienced Elder Law attorney is qualified to assist you with planning and applying for Medicaid.

As Elder Law Lawyers, we know every detail of what is required to qualify for Medicaid and we can properly set up legal structures to protect your assets and income to the fullest extent possible within New York State law. The investment is well worth it to have a qualified legal representative making sure your best interests are served and that all paperwork is filled out and filed properly.

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