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It has long been a standard practice in the legal profession to bill clients by the hour. While hourly-rate billing has advantages for law firms, this practice leaves clients in the dark about the ultimate cost of their legal services, and in some cases may lead to higher fees than necessary.

Lamson & Cutner’s clients benefit from fixed legal fees

Lamson & Cutner’s long-standing policy on legal fees is another factor that sets us apart from many other law firms. We believe that our clients have the right to know – in advance – exactly how much their legal services will cost. If another firm is telling you “trust us, our fees are fair and reasonable,” but not telling you how much their services will actually cost – it doesn’t have to be that way.

Lamson & Cutner has always provided virtually all of its legal services on a fixed fee basis.  As a result, our clients can determine for themselves whether the law firm’s services will be affordable and cost-effective, before incurring any obligation.   Our fixed fees are always stated in writing in a clearly understandable fee agreement.  Clients never pay a penny more for our services than the amount agreed upon at the outset.

Also, Lamson & Cutner’s fees are all-inclusive. The firm wants to obtain a result, not simply prepare and provide a document. For example, when we state a fixed fee for creating a trust, that fee includes as many meetings and as many drafts of the trust document as may be needed to prepare the document to the client’s satisfaction, assisting the client with funding the trust, advising the trustee regarding the operation of the trust, and answering any further questions after the trust has been created and funded.

In rare instances where a client requests services for which Lamson & Cutner is unable to quote a fixed fee, we will explain why we are unable to do so, and will discuss with the client other possible methods of determining a fair and reasonable fee.  Again, any fee agreement will be clearly set forth in advance in writing.

In order to receive an accurate fee quotation, a client will usually need to schedule an initial consultation with a Lamson & Cutner attorney.  In the consultation, we will learn the facts of your specific situation, describe the laws and rules that apply, explain the strategies that we could employ to satisfy your objectives, and then provide you with an itemized quotation of our fees and costs for doing the legal work needed to implement the strategy that makes the best sense for you.

Lamson & Cutner takes particular care to propose legal strategies that will be cost effective. Sometimes a prospective client will call the firm and ask, for example, “How much do you charge to draft a trust?”   Our response will likely be, “What kind of trust do you have in mind, and how do you know that a trust is the best legal approach for your situation?”   Unfortunately, there is no “one size fits all” solution for the elderly or disabled person.  Every case and every client is unique, and our strategies are always custom tailored to the specific needs and circumstances of the individual client, which are determined at or following the initial consultation.

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