Many people find it difficult to get started when the subject is long-term care, nursing homes, or estate planning. Sometimes it takes a serious illness or injury, or other crisis, to get things moving.

A brief discussion of our approach, and how we get started, may help you get started. It’s a real strength of our firm, and part of the reason for our success in consistently achieving cost-effective results for our clients. We like to start with an Initial Consultation. where we will explore your situation and the laws that apply to it. You will be informed in detail regarding the strategies that will work best for you. Once we settle with you on a plan, we will most likely quote a fixed fee, i.e., we’ll tell you the exact amount of the fee that we would charge for the legal work involved.  Before making a decision to retain our firm, you can go home and think about it, and consult with family members or other professionals if you wish.

You can acquaint yourself with some of the strategies we might suggest in Your Situation, even before you come to the Initial Consultation. We encourage that. We want you to understand the process, and feel comfortable about how it works and that it can work for you. To learn more, click on Your Situation. We have also included some information on Advance Directives. These are key documents everyone should have in place, in case they become incapacitated and actions need to be taken for their benefit. Part of “getting started” is ensuring that you have well-drafted versions of these documents signed and stored in an appropriate place.

The Initial Consultation typically takes about two hours, but there is no specific time limit. We’ll take the time to understand your situation in depth, and to try to answer all of your questions. If desired or appropriate, we will give you guidance about selecting a home care agency, assisted living facility, or nursing home. In order to make your Initial Consultation as effective as possible, please bring as many of the documents on our Checklist as you can. Call us at (212) 447-8690 or (914) 732-3636 to schedule a consultation, and click here to see our Initial Consultation Checklist.

For information about the kinds of benefits and services that could be available to you, click on Our Services.

For information about our approach and the strategies we might employ for you, click on Your Situation.

If you’re looking to get started click the links below:

  1. Initial Consultation
  2. Legal Fees
  3. Client Rights
  4. Advance Directives: Power of Attorney & Health Care Proxy