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Some people have been putting off their estate planning due to the Covid-19 pandemic.  Many have also postponed their long-term care planning.   Critical documents such as their Power of Attorney and Health Care Proxy have not been put in place.

However, there is no reason to delay.  Lamson & Cutner has been meeting with clients remotely, and executing their important documents via Zoom video conference, for almost a year.

These meetings have been efficient and successful.  While not a perfect substitute for an in-person meeting, Zoom works perfectly well and even has some advantages.   Clients of all ages, including those in the 80’s and 90’s, have joined us in Zoom meetings and signed their documents.  We enjoy seeing them empowered by this technology, and satisfied and relieved at having completed their documents.

The transition to video conferences has been smoother than we could have anticipated.  In the past, it was sometimes difficult to navigate the process of getting an elderly parent to a meeting.  Now it’s no problem for us to meet with a senior who is homebound, or even in a hospital bed.

In fact, some clients and their families prefer the flexibility and convenience of video conferences.  You don’t have to leave your home to meet with your attorney.  No time-consuming travel to and from the meeting, and no risk to your personal health and safety during the pandemic.

Zoom meetings are not the only option, however.  Our offices in Manhattan are open.  If you prefer or require an in-person meeting with an attorney, we do have a very limited number of time slots available in our New York City office.  We adhere to strict health and safety requirements.  Masks and social distancing are required.  All staff members wear masks and thoroughly disinfect surfaces between visits.

If you need to create or review your Will, Trust, Power of Attorney, Health Care Proxy, or if you need to do long-term care planning, don’t let the pandemic stop you.  Call us today.  We will meet you in a video conference or in person, and prepare and help you execute the important documents that you should have.  Finally, an often-overlooked but crucial step: we will help you to implement the plans you created by means of your legal documents.

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