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Lamson & Cutner partner and co-founder David Cutner will be teaching two classes on Elder Law topics at the Center for Learning and Living, Inc., on May 4th and May 18th. The organization’s website describes CL&L as “a non-profit lifelong learning organization offering weekday daytime classes on a wide range of subjects…. CL&L students are people who love to learn and are involved in the world around them. A mix of retired and semi-retired people, they share a desire to understand and an eagerness to discuss ideas… Our classes are offered year-round — 8 weeks in the fall, winter and spring, and 4 weeks in the summer. Whether an interactive or lecture format, all classes invite student participation. Students can take an unlimited number of classes each semester for one affordable fee.”

The organization’s website is Mr. Cutner is looking forward to engaging the students and informing them about the risks that come with growing older, and the opportunities available to them to protect themselves and their loved ones.

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