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Giving Thanks for Caregivers


November is National Family Caregivers Month, and National Hospice/Palliative Care Month.  These two groups deserve our heartfelt thanks for the challenging work they do.  In addition, November 14-20 is National Home Care Aide Week – we should also recognize and thank this often-unsung army.  (Social workers are caregivers who deserve our thanks as well: “National Social Work Month” is next  March.)

Caring for an elderly or disabled person who needs significant assistance, or who is ill or dying, can be gratifying and personally rewarding.  However, it is often also difficult and discouraging.  The people who accept and embrace these caregiving challenges are truly exceptional – they are ‘everyday angels.’

The day-to-day work is not glamorous, and sometimes those who do it may feel unappreciated and invisible.  Please make an extra effort this month to let the caregiver angels you know understand that their work is noticed, valued, and very much appreciated.

There is no calling more admirable than caring for those in need.  Caregivers, including hospice and palliative care givers – and social workers – we thank you for all you do.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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