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Are you trying to determine whether you or a family member can achieve Dutchess County, NY Medicaid Eligibility? Have you applied for Medicaid and been denied? Many people assume mistakenly that they are not eligible for Medicaid when, in fact, with proper legal steps and protections, they can be. Our highly-regarded attorneys at Lamson & Cutner have years of experience and success assisting clients with Dutchess County, NY Medicaid Eligibility. We can help you to assess your situation, create a plan, and help you through the entire process.

Some will be immediately eligible for Medicaid, but most people will need to take steps to transfer their ownership of assets to trusts or use other legal strategies, in order to gain Dutchess County, NY Medicaid eligibility. When evaluating your eligibility for nursing home benefits (but not for home care), Medicaid applies a five year “look back” to determine whether you have gifted or transferred assets to others. If any significant amounts of money or property have been transferred, you will not be eligible for Medicaid nursing home benefits for a number of months or even years (depending on the amount or value transferred). Those who plan in advance against the risk that they may need long-term care often find themselves in a better position than those who ignore the risk.

Lamson & Cutner has a proven track record of helping our clients to protect all or a substantial amount of their assets, even in cases where the need for long-term care was immediate and the client had not planned ahead. Our compassionate team knows how difficult it can be to manage a crisis and navigate the steps needed to protect your assets or those of a loved one. We want to help, and we know how.

We can help you to obtain the care you need and protect your assets in the process. Learn more about Medicaid and Medicare Planning and how to handle Denial of Medicaid.

If you or a relative are in Dutchess County, NY and would like to see what a Lamson & Cutner Elder Law attorney can do to help you, please go to Find Your Situation and look for a discussion of the strategies that may be employed in your specific circumstances. Learn more about Our Team and Our Services. Then, if you would like to schedule an Initial Consultation or if you would like further information, please contact our New York City office at (212) 447-8690 or our Westchester County, NY office at (914) 732-3636. You will soon be meeting with a Lamson & Cutner Dutchess County, NY Elder Law attorney who understands and who can really help you.

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