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Are you or is a loved one in need of elder care, and you’re not sure how to pay the ruinously high costs associated with it? There are ways to pay for long-term care without losing all of your assets and income. An Elder Care attorney can help.

Lamson & Cutner’s Dutchess County, NY Elder Care attorneys provide cost-effective and successful legal strategies to our clients whether they are individuals, married couples, or unmarried couples in need of elder care. Whether you need home care, assisted living, skilled nursing home care, Medicare, Medicaid, estate planning, or other elder care services, Lamson & Cutner has the specific knowledge and experience you need in order to navigate these matters. From our offices in Manhattan and Westchester County, we serve clients in Manhattan, Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, Nassau, and Suffolk Counties, as well as in Westchester, Rockland, Putnam, Orange, and Dutchess Counties.

Each individual or couple will be in a unique situation as they begin to navigate elder care. If you or a relative are in Dutchess County, NY and would like to see what Lamson & Cutner can do to help you protect your assets, please go to Find Your Situation and look for a discussion of the specific strategies that may be employed to help you.

Lamson & Cutner’s legal services for the elderly and disabled include developing appropriate legal strategies, advising on the most prudent actions to be taken, preparing all required documents, and assisting clients with the implementation of their plan. Our Dutchess County, NY Elder Care attorneys and staff are dedicated to providing personalized service that is responsive to each client’s individual circumstances. Please view Our Services here.

Lamson & Cutner’s excellent attorneys and professional staff have extensive experience in Dutchess County, NY Elder Care, Medicaid, estate planning and tax matters, and share a deep dedication to their work. Their skills and passion, and their personal attention to clients’ individual needs, have been the foundation of the firm’s success in achieving optimal results for individuals, couples, and families. Get to know the talented group of Dutchess County, NY Elder Law attorneys and paralegals on Our Team, or read some of the Testimonials our clients have written.

Next, if you would like to schedule an Initial Consultation or if you would like further information, please contact our Dutchess County, NY City office at (212) 447-8690. You will soon be meeting with a Lamson & Cutner Dutchess County, NY Elder Care attorney who understands your needs and who can really help you.

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