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Do you or your family member need help from a Brooklyn, NY Will lawyer? Lamson & Cutner has an experienced team of Elder Law lawyers who can help.

A Will is a legal document that provides for the disposition of your money and property upon your death. The Will names your beneficiaries and what you want them to receive, names the person you want to be in charge of your estate (the Executor), and may contain other instructions, for example, regarding the care of minor children or pets.

In the absence of a valid Will, the intestacy laws of the state will provide for the distribution of your estate, and the Courts will assign an Administrator to be in charge. In this case, your estate may or may not be handled in accordance with your wishes.

A qualified Brooklyn, NY Will Lawyer can assist in the creation of a proper, legally-binding Will to ensure that your wishes are fulfilled upon your passing. Lamson & Cutner has knowledgeable Will Lawyers on our team to help you with your Will. We can also help you with additional Elder Law planning to ensure your assets are protected in the event that you need long-term care before you pass. Our approach is to consider your entire situation in creating your Will.

If you or a relative are in Brooklyn, NY and would like to see what a Lamson & Cutner Will lawyer can do to help you, please go to Find Your Situation and look for a discussion of the strategies that may be employed in your specific circumstances. Learn more about Our Team and Our Services.

Then, if you would like to schedule an Initial Consultation or if you would like further information, please contact ourNew York City office at (212) 447-8690 or our Westchester County, NY office at (914) 732-3636. You will soon be meeting with a Lamson & Cutner Brooklyn, NY Will lawyer who understands and who can really help you.

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