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The goal of our Bronx, NY Estate Planning Attorneys at Lamson & Cutner is to help you to put a plan in place to ensure that your assets will be distributed to your beneficiaries according to your wishes.  We can assist you to put the most tax-efficient structures in place for your estate, and help you to avoid difficulties for your beneficiaries after you pass.

Just as important, we can help you maximize the legacy you leave to your heirs.  We can work with you to protect your assets and income during your lifetime, while at the same time helping to ensure you gain access to high quality long-term care if you need it.

We help you create the most beneficial structure for your assets while you are living, and at the same time, establish clear directives that will determine how the assets are distributed when you pass on.  Our Bronx Estate Planning attorneys at Lamson & Cutner will create a cost-effective estate plan that works best for your individual circumstances.

Lamson & Cutner has many years of experience in helping clients with their estate planning needs.  Our firm’s sole practice is Elder Law, so we are able to combine estate planning with a broader Elder Law strategy.  This means you can protect your assets while you are alive, and ensure that you have control of how they are distributed after you die.  Our goal is to ensure that your assets and income are protected, even if you need home care or nursing home care in the future.  For most people, if they do not plan ahead, long-term care costs can be ruinous and wipe out their legacy.

If you would like to see what a Lamson & Cutner Elder Law and Estate Planning attorney can do to help you, please go to Estate Planning and look for a discussion of how our services can help you.  Also, you can learn more about Our Team and Our Services.

Then, if you would like to schedule an Initial Consultation or if you would like further information, please contact our New York City office at (212) 447-8690 or our Westchester County, NY office at (914) 732-3636. You will soon be meeting with a Lamson & Cutner Estate Planning attorney who understands and who can really help you.

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