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2021 Update:  Legal Documents Can No Longer be Executed Remotely by Teleconference

Lamson & Cutner has remained busy throughout the pandemic – after all, health care needs, and the need for Elder Law and estate planning, never stop.  We are now working on a hybrid schedule, with fully-vaccinated staff coming into the office part-time or as needed.

We are doing consultations both in person and by telephone or Zoom meeting, for existing clients and new clients.  In order to protect all parties, in-person consultations are conducted only with people who are fully vaccinated.

As the pandemic crisis eased, the legal landscape changed.  The Executive Orders that enabled us to notarize and witness documents by teleconference in New York during 2020 and into 2021, have expired.

Clients have a few options for execution of their documents.  One option is to come to one of our offices where we can notarize and witness the documents in person.  Another option is to execute their documents elsewhere in the presence of a notary and witnesses, and have us supervise via video conference or follow our written instructions.  These procedures are appropriate for all documents, including Powers of Attorney, Wills, Trusts, and Health Care Proxies.

Now that most New Yorkers are vaccinated, they feel more comfortable thinking about hiring a health care worker, or about entering an assisted living residence or nursing home.   However, at least partly due to the pandemic, finding home health aides has become difficult.  Significant changes in eligibility requirements for Community Medicaid services will take effect soon as well.  Hiring competent professionals to assist you through the challenging steps you may need to take is more important than ever.

You would be wise to take this opportunity to review or create your estate plan and your long-term care plan.  Many clients have advised us that they feel more at ease or less anxious when these important planning steps have been completed.

If you would like to talk to us about your planning needs or concerns, we are here and ready to help.

Stay well and stay safe,

David A. Cutner

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