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What exactly is a private annuity, and why do Elder Law attorneys recommend them?
The kind of annuity most people are familiar with is the kind typically sold by insurance companies.  Commercially, an annuity is a contract you buy from an insurance company.  You pay a lump sum up front and afterwards you receive a guaranteed stream of income.  The stream continues either for a specific period of time, […]
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Medicaid Asset Transfer Rules In New York
If you think you or a loved one may need to apply for Medicaid benefits in the future, it is important to understand the asset transfer rules.  Generally, gifts or transfers of money or property within the applicable “look back” period will subject the Medicaid applicant to a “penalty period” of ineligibility for benefits.  The […]
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Medicaid Recertification
If you are on Medicaid, you will need to be recertified annually. The recertification process demonstrates to Medicaid that (a) you are still alive; (b) you still need services, and (c) you are still financially eligible for Medicaid. While the recertification process is far less onerous than the initial application, it does require diligence and […]
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Medicaid Assisted Living
Assisted Living residences are adult apartment buildings or communities that provide a secure environment for seniors who are generally self-directing. These communities usually offer restaurant-style dining, housekeeping, laundry, and other services, and are sometimes associated with a “graduated care” facility that provides a range of housing options from independent living to skilled nursing care. Traditionally, […]
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Medicaid Home Care in NYC, Westchester, & the NY Metro Area
People need health care support for various reasons, and in New York in particular, they may be able to access government benefits to pay for this expensive support.  Many individuals are unaware that they may be eligible for Medicaid benefits, including long-term care services provided in their homes. Medicaid Home Care is part of Community […]
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Medicaid Fair Hearing
If you are not satisfied with a decision made by Medicaid, you may request what is called a “Fair Hearing.” This is a legal proceeding, heard by an administrative Law Judge (ALJ). Both your arguments and those of the Medicaid department are presented, and the judge makes a decision. There are numerous reasons why you […]
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Important Update about New York’s New 30-month Community Medicaid “Look Back”
Update:  The effective date for the "look back" continues to be delayed, but the implementation may be near.  If you feel you are likely to need Community Medicaid services soon, the time to take action is now.   The reason the extension is required, is that the Federal Public Health Emergency (“FPHE”) established by the […]
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Five Key Considerations for your Estate Plan
When most people think about estate planning, they focus on their Will - but there’s far more to estate planning than that.  Here are five of the most important aspects of estate planning that many people frequently overlook.  When you get to #5, you’ll see why consulting with an attorney who does both Estate Planning […]
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The Pooled Income Trust – It’s Not As Complicated As You Think
If you or a loved one are thinking about accessing Medicaid for care in the community in New York City or its suburbs, you will also probably want to join a Pooled Income Trust.  The goal of using these trusts is to permit you to remain in your home as long as possible, by allowing […]
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Laws for those with Paws: Estate Planning for Your Four-Legged Family Member
It is no secret that dogs and cats have seen their status elevate in the last few decades. Pets have transitioned from mere companions to become beloved members of the family. Over 100 million households have pets across the United States. An astounding 84% of these pet owners refer to themselves as the “mommies and […]
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