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Choosing a Nursing Home
Many people understandably have a difficult time deciding when it is appropriate to put a parent or other family member in a nursing home, and then choosing which home is best. Other professionals, such as geriatric care managers or social workers, may be better placed than lawyers to guide clients on these questions, but, as […]
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You Can Qualify for Medicaid
This is Strategy #1 from Lamson & Cutner’s publication, “25 Strategies to Prevent Financial Ruin from Long-Term Health Care Costs.”  Click here to see the other strategies. Many people have the false impression that Elder Law planning is not worth investigating, because they think they are not eligible for Medicaid. They feel they have too much money, […]
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Significantly Increased 2023 Medicaid Income Levels Will Affect Pooled Income Trust Users
In December of 2022, the Department of Social Services (DSS) and the Human Resources Administration (HRA) sent out over 140,000 notices to Medicaid recipients with surplus income. Some of our clients received one of these notices. The purpose of the notice was to inform the Medicaid recipients with 'surplus income' (the amount that would be […]
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Unexpected News Flash - INCREASED NY Medicaid 2023 Threshold Figures Have Been Released
2023 Updated Quick Reference Chart for New York Medicaid Levels On February 14, 2023, New York's Medicaid office released new relevant figures for 2023. Our Updated Quick Reference Chart shows the most important threshold levels. Key Information: Asset ("Resource") Eligibility Levels - INCREASED Maximum Home Equity that does not count towards Resources - UNCHANGED Income […]
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Retirement Accounts and Medicaid
If you are over 65 years of age, need health care or long-term care, and hope to  receive Medicaid benefits, Medicaid will determine your financial eligibility by first calculating the amount of your total “resources,” as defined by them.  Your resources include real estate and monetary assets that are titled in your name, such as […]
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Elder Law Attorney
Lamson & Cutner’s practice is solely focused on the elderly and disabled. We advise on Medicare and Medicaid, home care and nursing home care, and trusts and estates. We are very results oriented, and we don’t accept a matter unless we are confident we can produce a good outcome for the client at a cost-effective […]
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Trusts and Estates Attorney
Most people are concerned about their estate plan. They want to minimize taxes, and make sure that their assets are passed on to beneficiaries of their own choosing in the most effective way. However, an estate plan is not a plan to protect your assets and income against the extremely high costs of long-term care. […]
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Medicaid Home Care Attorney
In New York, Medicaid has a large and well-funded program to assist seniors and the disabled who are having problems with the activities of daily living (“ADL’s”), and who wish to remain in their own homes. Home care can be extremely expensive, depending on the number of hours and days required. Many people believe that […]
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Medicaid Nursing Home Attorney
Nursing home costs today are absolutely ruinous and unaffordable for most people. Life’s savings are rapidly depleted, and homes are put in jeopardy, when people attempt to pay for care out of their personal funds. Spouses and other family members can be left in a precarious position, without the resources to pay for their own […]
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Who Is Your Legal Advisor?
Most states, including New York, regulate the unauthorized practice of law (“UPL”). These rules are intended to protect the public from receiving or acting on incorrect legal advice that can lead to adverse or even disastrous consequences. At the same time, some people believe that UPL statutes unfairly protect lawyers and their profitable franchise. Many […]
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