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There may come a point in a loved one’s life when assistance will be needed in the home. The signs that help is needed often begin as subtle indications. When a parent or spouse becomes forgetful and confused, or when doing household chores become more difficult, the potential seriousness of the situation is typically not addressed immediately. Many refrain from suggesting that assistance is needed because it is an extremely difficult conversation to broach. Most people are afraid that their loved one will become defensive or angry at the suggestion that she is not as capable as she once was or believe herself to be. Unfortunately, many wait until their loved ones are at a critical juncture after a medical catastrophe.

Waiting until a crisis is not necessary. Home care has been described by many as preventative medicine. The earlier assistance is provided to an individual who is losing mental capacity or physical ability, the longer she will likely be able remain independent and live in the comfort of her own home. Depending on the level of care needed, a home attendant can come for a few hours a day to offer a helping hand, or provide round-the-clock care. Home health care is a viable way to preserve independence and a good precaution against an emergency situation.

Privately paying for home health care can be extremely expensive, but financial concerns should not keep anyone from seeking necessary assistance. Elder law attorneys assist individuals in financially qualifying for Medicaid benefits that will pay for the cost of home health care for those who qualify medically. If you’ve noticed functional or behavioral changes in a family member, and are considering home care, Call and contact an Elder Law Attorney today.

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