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Lamson and Cutner’s latest Special Report is currently at the printer, and will be available soon. The motivation for writing this report, according to David Cutner, was that we felt there was a huge gap in the available literature about Elder Law techniques and strategies. There was nothing that could give someone a quick, but comprehensive, view of how to go about solving their legal and financial issues concerning their health care, particularly if they’re faced with the ruinous costs of long-term care.

The Elder Law Crash Course answers the call by giving readers a 15-minute education in the master strategies to qualify for Medicaid and protect your money and property at the same time. The Crash Course isn’t legal advice, but it will certainly alert you to your rights and options, and help you make the most of a consultation with an Elder Law attorney.

If you would like to have a FREE advance copy of The Elder Law Crash Course, please contact our office by sending an email with your name and address to, or calling us at 1 (855) 898-1919.

Also, you can get up-to-date information on current Elder Law issues by signing up for a FREE subscription to THE ELDER LAW EXCHANGE newsletter at The Elder Law Exchange.

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