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The Alzheimer’s Foundation of America is sponsoring an audiocast featuring David Cutner on February 9th at 1:00 pm EST.

The topic of the audiocast will be how to deal with the staggering costs of long-term care, and what the elderly and their families can do to obtain the best care and still hold onto their money, assets, and income. The roles of Medicare and Medicaid, and other topics will included in the discussion.Listeners can sign up for this free audiocast on the AFA website at the following link;Alzheimer’s Foundation of America – Audiocast Planning and Paying for Long-Term Health Care Sooner Rather than Later. Mr. Cutner’s live discussion will be accompanied by a slide presentation that can be viewed over the Internet.Listeners will also be able to submit questions to Mr. Cutner via email. If he does not answer your question during the broadcast, Mr. Cutner will try to respond personally afterwards.

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