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Lamson and Cutner is always happy to hear from readers of The Best Elder Law Blog. Recently we received a comment from Sharon R. Hammersley, R.N., that pleased us very much. Sharon said:

Thank you for the best website for information on Elder Law and Estate Planning. Thank you for all the common sense information your firm makes available so we have a better understanding of these complicated subjects. Keep up the great work. Sharon’s comment specifically referenced an older blog posting that discussed the federal gift tax exclusion. The exclusion amount has since been increased to $14,000. Otherwise, all of the information contained in that posting Gift Exemption is still applicable.

We hope that more readers will respond to our blog. In particular, we would like to know if you have particular topics that you would like us to address in future blog postings, or in future issues of our free monthly newsletter, The Elder Law Exchange. If you don’t already subscribe to the newsletter, you can sign up below.

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