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eCareDiary’s tagline is “Simplifying Life for the Caregiver.” The website enables caregivers to learn about, keep track of, and manage the many issues they may deal with as a caregiver. It includes a diary section, a resource center, and a message board. The website has experts who give answers to questions from the website’s members. David Cutner is a featured Elder Law and estate planning attorney on the website, and he has answered numerous questions people have posted on the site. The most recent involved what paperwork is required when an aging parent wants to transfer assets to someone else.

Mr. Cutner described the paperwork, but also pointed out that before transfers are made, it is crucial to know the implications of such transfers. For a senior who might want to apply for Medicaid, or for tax reasons, direct transfers to a child can create serious problems. He pointed out that consulting with an experienced, competent Elder Law attorney can help you avoid costly and unanticipated pitfalls.

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