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According to a recent article in the New York Times, New York City’s elderly population is sharply increasing, and city planners have responded with a new initiative that reflects the specific needs of the city’s senior citizens. The initiative’s architects are developing creative ways to make the city a safer, more accessible, and more enjoyable place for seniors to reside.

Some of the proposed improvements to seniors’ quality-of-life include: more time to cross the street; organized grocery store trips; offering more innovative programs at senior centers; and the creation of aging-improvement districts. The goal of aging-improvement districts is to form a public-private partnership that will encourage business owners to adopt more elderly-friendly practices, such as providing public restrooms, extra benches, and more lighting for seniors’ benefit.

City officials have also begun to hold town hall meetings and focus groups to hear from seniors directly as to how the city can better accommodate its elderly residents.

These potential improvements to services should permit more seniors to age in place. These developments make it even more important to consider advance directives and planning for the astronomical costs of long-term care. Elder law attorneys at Lamson and Cutner, P.C., are committed to improving seniors’ quality-of-life and are dedicated to supporting the elderly. Call 1 (866) 524-1818 to speak with an Elder Law attorney at Lamson and Cutner, P.C., so you can best prepare for your future.

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