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David Cutner announces that he and Carole Lamson have formed Lamson and Cutner, P.C., a law firm solely dedicated to providing a lifeline to the elderly and disabled. The firm combines resources of the founding partners’ former firms, and includes four experienced Elder Law attorneys, four experienced paralegals, and support staff.

The Best Elder Law Blog will be operated by Lamson and Cutner, P.C.

The firm’s mission is to dispel the lament I can’t qualify for Medicaid. I have too much money. Or, I have too much income. The firm’s response is YES, YOU CAN QUALIFY for valuable Medicaid and other public benefits with proper planning. If you need home care, or nursing home care, do not let incorrect assumptions about eligibility stand in your way of obtaining benefits. In addition, it is never too late to start planning, even if your needs are urgent and immediate.

Home care, or nursing home care, can be ruinously expensive. You do not have to spend down all of your hard-earned life’s savings, or jeopardize your home, in order to qualify for Medicaid. An experienced Elder Law attorney can inform you of your rights, and you can decide whether Medicaid planning is appropriate for you and your family.

At a minimum, Lamson and Cutner, P.C., recommends that the elderly or disabled should consult an experienced Elder Law attorney about creating a Durable Power of Attorney and a Health Care Proxy. These documents are essential for making sure that your wishes concerning your finances and property, and your health care, are carried out.

Look for further discussion about these issues in future postings on The Best Elder Law Blog, and review the firm’s website for up-to-date information on issues of concern to the elderly and disabled.

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