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Lamson and Cutner has just launched a new page on its website,, about the reasons why other attorneys refer clients to our firm.

Oftentimes, a client’s problems require in-depth knowledge and experience in a particular practice area. This is especially true with Elder Law issues, where knowledge of the laws and rules pertaining to government benefits such as Medicaid, and practical experience with government agencies and health care vendors, is essential.

Many attorneys lack this kind of knowledge and experience, and our new webpage describes the circumstances where attorneys and law firms find it advantageous to refer a client to Lamson and Cutner, or to bring in LandC for joint representation of a client.

We believe that our current and future success as a law firm is based on putting clients first, and providing them with excellent advice and service. Our approach necessarily implies that we must decline representation in matters where we lack expertise or experience, even when the client wants to retain us and is willing to pay a substantial fee. In such circumstances, we always try to refer the client to an attorney who can best service the client’s needs. We are confident that, in addition to being in line with the best practices and highest ethical standards of our profession, this approach serves our own long-term self-interest as a law firm.

If your firm’s approach or philosophy is similar to ours, please click here to view our Attorney and Law Firm Referrals Page.

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