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A lot of seniors want to stay in their homes, but physical problems and daily activities start to become too much for them. With today€۪s mobile lifestyle, many seniors have no children or relatives living near enough to help them with daily activities. Yet they are far from needing nursing home care, and they like living where they are.

Professional help known as Geriatric Care Management is available to help care for this large and growing segment of the population. Geriatric Care Managers (GCM’s) help make it possible for seniors to maintain their independence for as long as possible, by planning and coordinating their care. Typically, this involves long term care for physical and/or mental impairments. GCM’s usually help arrange for care in the home and oversee the caregiver, but they sometimes also call, stop by, do periodic assessments, etc.

For a senior whose family lives far away, or is too busy to provide the needed care, a GCM can be a life saver. Seniors gain an advocate and often a friend, who is improving their quality of life. Children and family members gain peace of mind, knowing there is someone watching out for their loved one. They are also relieved of the burden of trying to care for the senior from a distance.

Clients of Lamson & Cutner’s New York Elder Law and Westchester Elder Law practice often don’t live near their children, so long-distance caregiving can be very difficult. An Elder Law attorney for New York, Westchester County, Bronx, Brooklyn and Queens should be able to help connect you with a GCM for one of these or other counties or boroughs if need be, so that the burden of caregiving can be shared with someone who understands the needs of seniors.

Neither Medicare nor Medicaid pays for geriatric care management. However, if your impaired loved one can remain in the community rather than entering a nursing home, you are very likely going to be able to take steps to qualify for Community Medicaid, which has no five year look back. Long-term care can be devastatingly expensive. If you can access Medicaid to pay for the senior’s care instead of using up his or her (or your) money paying for home care or nursing home care, you will be in a far better position to afford the GCM’s fee, and it is likely to be repaid many times over, both in financial terms and in peace of mind.

The non-profit Aging Life Care Association, formerly the National Association of Professional Geriatric Care Managers, has a list of providers in your community ( You could also ask your friends, an Elder Law attorney, or any association in your municipality that provides services to the elderly, to give you a referral.

To find out how you or your loved one can gain access to Medicaid or other government programs in New York, including Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Westchester, Nassau, or Suffolk, to help pay for long-term care, go to Lamson & Cutner’s Home Page and click on Find Your Situation. The strategies we use proven, reliable, and cost-effective are clearly explained there.

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