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On Wednesday December 2nd the New York State Senate voted down a bill that would have legalized gay marriage in the State of New York.

The bill was rejected by a 38-to-24 vote, which was a much greater margin than most advocates and supporters expected. The 30 Republican senators unanimously voted against the bill, and were joined by eight Democrats.

The bill had passed the Assembly and was supported by Governor Paterson, who promised to sign it into law if approved by the Senate.

Gay rights advocacy groups are expressing frustration but are continuing their efforts to win passage of a bill in 2011 when a new Legislature will be put into office.

Currently, when one or both partners in a gay relationship are in need of long-term care, they cannot benefit from the rights and options available to married couples. However, GLBT Elder Law Planning options do exist for gay couples. For a discussion of these options, click here.

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