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Caregiving children and family members are faced with many important concerns and challenges each day: What level of care does dad need? Will mom be safe at home? How much does long term care cost, and how are we going to pay for it?

There are countless decisions that must be made with respect to caring for elderly family members. The maze of options and resources available to our aging population may seem overwhelming and the apparent cost of long term care can be a hindrance for individuals on fixed incomes. Consulting with an Elder Law attorney is a crucial first step in formulating a comprehensive long-term care plan so that your family members can receive the assistance they need and protect their assets for the future.

An Elder Law attorney will analyze your parents’ long-term care needs and financial condition to formulate an individualized plan that meets their goals, with a focus on preserving their life’s savings and the potential need for Medicaid benefits. Elder law attorneys will review your parents’ current estate plans and advance directives to make sure all of their legal documents are up-to-date and their unique goals are being achieved.

Additionally, Elder Law attorneys have relationships with other professionals who work with seniors, such as geriatric care managers and social workers, as well as administrators at senior centers, assisted living facilities and nursing homes, all of whom we can call upon as resources to best serve the needs of your loved ones. If you are concerned about your parent’s care and financial longevity, book a consultation with an Elder Law attorney at Lamson and Cutner today.

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