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We are pleased to announce that founding Partner David Cutner has been invited to serve as an expert for the Expert QandA section of the eCareDiary website. eCareDiary describes itself as a web community created based on the founders’ experiences as caregivers for their parents [it is] a centralized place to help families with care coordination, offering comprehensive online tools, expert content and resources.

Expert QandA is an interactive online community within It is intended to engage family caregivers to ask questions about any aspect of caregiving and eldercare, and to create a collaborative site for weighing options. The caregivers can respond to the experts’ answers with their own thoughts and insights. Numerous areas of expertise are included, such as Dementia, Care Providers, Cancer, Depression, Finances, Fall Prevention, Legal, Long Term Care, Successful Aging and End-of-Life issues.

Aging is a natural part of life, but it comes with complications. Having experts available to answer questions in a variety of fields can be extremely useful. Lamson and Cutner can answer your Elder Law questions on the eCareDiary web site, or by contacting us directly.

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