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Last Wednesday, Partner David Cutner spoke at a seminar hosted by Rosemary Camas of Berkshire Hathaway Home Services in Scarsdale, New York. The subject was “Aging in Place.” Mr. Cutner was the featured speaker at the seminar, speaking about issues surrounding long-term home care and nursing home care. He explained how Elder Law strategies enable seniors and the disabled to structure their assets so they can gain access to government assistance to pay for long-term care. This can help them to remain in their homes as long as possible, and protect some of their money even if they need to enter a nursing home.

Other panelists attended from various organizations whose focus is on other aspects of enabling seniors to remain in their homes, or on assisting seniors who downsize to a smaller home. The additional panelists were:

  • Marianne Brower and Elissa Russso from interior design firm, Brower & Russo. The firm focuses on making living facilities safe and useable for seniors;
  • Carol Lightbody from Changing Places – Managing Moves for Seniors. This firm helps seniors plan their move, from sorting, choosing what to keep, and ‘purging,’ to mapping out what will fit in the new space, to assisting with the move itself;
  • Carl Weiner, a tax accountant who manages payroll issues for people who hire helpers in their home;
  • Jacqueline Del Priore from Evolve Bank & Trust, which offers home equity conversion mortgages;

There was also a representative at the forum from WestFair Rides, a volunteer organization that arranges rides to medical appointments for seniors who no longer drive. The forum highlighted the many local organizations that are providing assistance to seniors, both when they stay in their homes and when they move or downsize.

This forum was part of an ongoing series; the next seminar is being planned for the fall of 2016.

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