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Retirement communities and assisted living facilities continue to be developed in New York and many other states. However luxurious many of them may be, most seniors want to live out their lives in familiar surroundings. AARP estimates that 9 out of 10 Americans over 60 would prefer to stay in their own homes, as opposed to a retirement community or institutional setting.

This preference, however, must be squared with the practical issues and problems of staying at home as old age and declining health start to interfere with activities of daily living. For example, climbing stairs may become burdensome or wheelchair access may have to be considered.Seniors who want to stay where they are and remain a vital part of their communities need to start looking into organizations and community groups that will provide support of all kinds, such as transportation assistance and meal delivery programs. It may also be the right time to consult an Elder Law Attorney, to find out how to build a financial fortress around your assets and income, so that your lifestyle and dignity will not be destroyed or compromised by the ruinous costs of long-term care.

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