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Here’s what satisfied clients say about Lamson & Cutner.

“We Could Never Have Handled This Ourselves”

My 89 year old mom fell and broke both shoulders and one was dislocated. The hospital would only let my mom stay a few days. We had to quickly find a rehabilitation facility and start to put her affairs in order. David Cutner was a wealth of information and guided my family through what needed to be done and worked with us until we had our mom home and home care set up for her. She just turned 90 and is doing extremely well. We could never have handled this ourselves nor have gotten to this point without all the hard work of David Cutner and his staff.

— Marie J. Tully

I Feel Truly Blessed.

…they sat down with me over a period of weeks and worked through the process of getting the help I sought and assistance I needed that had eluded me for so long. I found them to be not only professional, but very concerned and caring. This meant a lot to me. In a few months we were able to get the answers I had been searching for over a period of years without results… I would recommend the firm of Lamson & Cutner, P.C. to anyone who is disabled and/or elderly or has a family member in need of assistance. Doing it on your own is difficult if not impossible, as I found out the hard way and lost a lot of years that I can never get back…They turned a very negative experience into a positive opportunity to set my affairs straight and get my life moving forward in the right direction… I feel truly blessed.”

— Ruben R. Allen

Unique and Complicated Case

When my father became ill, he was not prepared for the complexity of Medicaid rules. He had previously not done any planning and I was concerned that the fruits of his halve century of work would be quickly dissipated.

My family received a recommendation to contact the Law Firm of Lamson & Cutner. I thought it might be too late, but we are fortunate to have contacted them. From the initial contact to the final conclusion Lamson & Cutner displayed expertise, commitment, and compassion.

My father’s case was unique and complicated (as are many) by a variety of factors. However Lamson & Cutner was able to provide solutions that involved trust creation, Fair Hearing preparation, and negotiations. The services provided helped allow my family to concentrate on Dad’s medical needs.

We highly recommend the elder law firm of Lamson & Cutner.”

— P.B.

Success in a Complicated Situation

Lamson Cutner gave me considerable help in dealing with a complicated situation involving a friend with Alzheimer’s Disease during 2011, 2012 and 2013. I had my friend’s power of attorney. They were able to assist me to file two very involved applications for Medicaid, both of which were ultimately successful.

As my friend’s mental state deteriorated, they were also able to help me find a suitable nursing home for him and facilitate his acceptance into it.

I would recommend Lamson/Cutner to anyone in a similar situation. The money it cost for their help in the end safe-guarded my friend’s finances so that we had more of it available for his personal needs and care.”

— Alix Elias

Top Quality Firm with Excellent Service.

I would like to thank the entire staff at Lamson & Cutner for their dedication, hard work and time that was put into getting a favorable decision from Medicaid for my mother.

I had spoken previously to a few elder law attorneys before calling Lamson & Cutner, P.C. Upon calling the firm I spoke to Mr. Fagan who drew me to the firm. He explained what to expect and who I would be meeting with. Shortly after I met with Mr. Cutner. He is very knowledgeable and understanding man, who understood the financial and emotional challenges I was facing. He listened to everything I had to say, took notes and made phone calls the same day. After hearing my case he discussed step by step what needed to be done and assured me of a positive outcome. He left no stone unturned.

My experience with the Lamson & Cutner Law firm eased my burden and helped me to relax again. This is a top quality firm with excellent service.

I highly recommend Lamson & Cutner, P.C. without reservations.”

— Herbert Webster

We Couldn’t Recommend [L&C] More Highly.

Both my sister Harriet & I would like to thank Mrs. Lamson and yourself & all the team who helped us so much in preparing the way for my Father’s successful application to Medicaid. There was a real support guiding us through the minefield that is the application process….The staff was very caring and responsive to our needs and continues to be so….We couldn’t recommend them more highly.”

— Deanna Littell

A Family Can Now Sleep at Night

…the elder law firm of Lamson & Cutner has afforded our family the assurance that our father’s rights and quality of life would be protected. The firm has endlessly been available by telephone to respond to every question that arises and have helped us with individual and family conferences…At every juncture on the journey to keep our now 96 year old recently widowed dad at home and safe in his natural environs, the Lamson & Cutner multifaceted and expert legal team systematically rendered guidance in a proactive, efficient, comprehensive manner. The open-ended, sensitive and empathic approach to navigating challenging decisions on behalf of our dad’s interests embraced cultural, family and socioeconomic variables… if our mom were alive today she would add to our applause given that dad is in good hands and we are all able to sleep at night.”

— The Ortiz Family

You kept pushing forward until the goal was accomplished

Dear Mr. Cutner,

I sincerely thank you for the hard work you and other members of Lamson & Cutner performed on my behalf.

Beginning in October, 2013 and concluding in October, 2015, you assisted me with the settlement of my pension from the America Institute of Certified Public Accountants and established a pooled income trust for me with NYSARC, Inc. Trust Services.

You worked persistently toward dissolving my trust with the UJA and transferring money to NYSARC. This was often an arduous task, but you kept pushing forward until the goal was accomplished.

I very much appreciate the courtesy and professionalism extended to me by you and your staff.

My phone calls were always returned, my questions were always answered, and I was always treated with respect.

Lamson and Cutner’s services have allowed me to move on with various aspects of my life, which is very important to me.

I will be pleased to recommend your firm to anyone I think could benefit from your services.

Thank you again for your high-quality professional services.


— T. Z.

Complete Confidence

My brother had a horrific heart attack in New York City where he lived and I flew in from my home in Colorado to help out. I knew nothing about how to negotiate living in mid-town Manhattan and as my brother’s situation worsened I knew I needed help but didn’t know where to get it or who to trust. Fortunately for me, someone directed me to the law firm of Lamson and Cutner where the staff knew exactly what we needed to do and did it. They met with me multiple times over the coming months as issues arose and were always accessible by phone between meeting times. They became one of the persons in which I could put complete confidence and knew they would support me to the best of their ability. My brother’s and my journey continued to be challenging for quite a long time and is ongoing. I’m very glad to be able to rely on this group’s expertise and calm demeanor to guide my path through this emotionally and logistically challenging and difficult time. “

— Donna Lusby

I Had a Million Questions and Concerns

My father had a stroke in October of 2013. I was scared and confused. When I first met Mr. Cutner he sat with me for a long time explaining everything and what my options were. I felt as if he really cared about me and my dad. After meeting with this kind, gentle, man I felt like a weight was lifted even though there was a long road ahead. Well, it didn’t stop there. He introduced me to Karen Mancuso who worked with me in the most nurturing and professional way. I had a million questions and concerns and never once did she make me feel like I was being a nuisance. She handled everything with care and me, with kid gloves.

It didn’t stop there.  Thank you for answering my many questions and concerns with the utmost knowledge and professionalism. It was a most difficult time and I have to say that the team of people at Lamson and Cutner made me feel like I was not alone and they would be there for me and my dad always. I just can’t say thank you enough times to these wonderful people.”

— Randi

I Have Since Referred Some of My Own Clients

My 90 year old mother was confined to a nursing home upstate and her Medicare benefits had run out. The nursing home told me that her bills were mounting and that we needed to apply for Medicaid right away. They handed me a blank application form and urged me to get started immediately. I did my best to fill out the forms, gather all the supporting documents, and submit them to the local DSS office.

About this time, I attended an event about planning for retirement at the NYC Bar Association. David Cutner was one of the speakers but I got there late, so I picked up all his materials to read later. I had already submitted the Medicaid application. By reading his excellent materials, I realized I was in over my head, even though I am a practicing attorney. I took a look at the Lamson & Cutner website and called for an appointment.

David and his assistant met with me for several hours and answered all my questions clearly and patiently. L&C was able to rehabilitate my flawed application and ultimately got it approved. Medicaid paid $40,000 of the $42,000 nursing home bill. My mother’s assets would have been wiped out, had they not succeeded. I have since referred some of my own clients to them, and they, too, are pleased with the compassion, sound advice, and good service they have received at Lamson & Cutner.”

— Karen Lukas

Excellent Decision

When our mother became seriously ill, and in need of rehabilitation along with long term care, my brothers and I thought all would be paid for by Medicare. We received a reality check when we were informed of what Medicare does pay for, and for what period of time. To say the least, shocked and overwhelmed is what we were feeling. The social worker of the rehab facility advised us to seek an Elder Care lawyer, in order to see if our mother would be eligible for Medicaid for her long-term care. She gave me a brochure of the law firm of Lamson and Cutner.

From the initial phone call, to meeting with David Cutner, and dealings with the staff, I can say that we made an excellent decision in obtaining their services. Compassion, expertise, professionalism, dedication, and respectfulness these are just a few of the qualities this law firm exhibits. The solutions they provided have worked out to our total satisfaction, and our mother is at home receiving the care she needs while maintaining her assets as well.

You will not regret hiring Lamson and Cutner, and this can be said with total confidence.

Thank you David and all the staff at Lamson and Cutner for making an overwhelming situation easier, for answering all of my questions, and for taking the time to explain in detail what I did not fully understand.”

— M. Marrero

Truly Amazing Staff

Dear Mr. Cutner,

Many thanks for your information but mostly, above all, for the INCREDIBLE help of your office staff, who survived with good humor the nightmare of getting my friend, Evie, back to New York, where she so wanted to be. On behalf of Evie’s many devoted friends and family, I want them all to know how very grateful we are to your truly amazing staff. Again – we are all so very very grateful for your office’s extraordinary work on Evie’s behalf. Most sincerely – and with much admiration,”

— Linda

Lamson & Cutner Knew all The Nuances

We are glad that there are people who know their business; we are blessed to meet Lamson & Cutner 10 years ago. We have have complicated case where is my wife Amilia was diagnosed with MS and would need help in near future that came much faster than we anticipated. With proper advance estate planning and guidance from Lamson & Cutner who knew all nuances, we were able to prepare to get Amilia help when she was in need. Real Estate Trust, Establishing NYSARC, Inc Pull up Trust and many other things were way to do. Our children have asked recently Mom & Dad. Do you have living will, health proxy and other items.

And to their surprise, we told that we have everything. We are continuing do business with Lamson & Cutner that provide Amilia every year with required Recertification and responded to any questions that various Agencies asked. It is again Great Appreciation for works that was done. Sincerely,”

— Amilia & Alex Liberman

Use Lamson & Cutner for Recertification

I have been using Lamson & Cutner for over 8 years for various needs regarding my family’s needs in the area of Trusts and Medicaid Application and Recertification.

For the last five years I have had Lamson & Cutner prepare the Recertification Application. It is an onerous job which I tried to do it on my own and its is stress producing for me and requires a lot of work and you never know if you have the right information or not. So therefore I have Lamson & Cutner prepare it. They put all the information together in an impressive and detailed document and its accurate and complete. As a result it has always been processed by Medicaid with no problems. I highly recommend that you use them for this function. It will make your life easier and less stressful.”

— Joseph Feldman

Empathy and Expertise

Words cannot express the gratitude my family feels towards your firm for the excellent job that was done on our mother’s behalf. The staff were professional, considerate, concerned and thorough, proving to be an advocate for our mother, determined in getting her situation resolved since day one. The attention to detail was constant up through the conclusion. We are grateful for everything that was done to facilitate our mother’s long term care. All of our questions and concerns were promptly addressed by either a phone call, a meeting or an email which lay to rest any worries we had along the way. What particularly touched us was the empathy and human kindness combined with your professionalism and expertise, which is so necessary seeing how caregiving is a particularly difficult challenge for any family.

As friends and family find themselves in need the services your office offers, rest assured that we would whole heartedly recommend your firm without any hesitation or reservation. We wish you all the best in your successful practice and thank you.”

— P. S. & Family

You Guys Just Made It All Better

Just wanted to let all of you know how helpful you were to me in such a difficult situation, and how everyone was so great. I could not have done it myself. I was in a basic state of mental stress, and you guys just made it all better. I can’t even tell you. And that’s why I would tell anyone who is asking about a lawyer, I would recommend your firm because everyone was so great and understanding. The Medicaid process is so difficult, and after going through it, I couldn’t have done it alone.

I would recommend you to anyone who asked. Everyone there was so kind and understanding, as this was so important to me.”

— Jeanne T.

Professionalism and Dedication

My mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. This was and is still a very trying time for us and we didn’t know what to do. My family and I were advised by friend, who had just used Lamson & Cutner’s services for his family member, to contact them concerning the management of our mother’s estate. We met with Mr. David Cutner and his associates in 2014. On the first day, the office manager met us with a warmth and respect that was appreciated. It was like we were old friends. Lamson & Cutner took the time to explain everything to us, and were also very helpful and patient with guiding us whenever we called them with questions or concerns.

My mom is getting the help she needs now, and this is a big relief for me and my family. On behalf of my entire family, we thank Lamson & Cutner for their professionalism and dedication in helping us through every step in seeing that our mother is being well taken care of. We recommend Lamson & Cutner for anyone needing advice and guidance in similar situations.

Thank you,”

— M.G., C.W. & J.G

An Exemplar Firm That Exceeds Expectations

I would like to personally thank the firm of Lamson & Cutner for their diligent work on behalf of my father for the last 16 months being able to preserve his financial assets and more significantly enabling him to become a Medicaid member. Currently, as I notice his regression on a daily and weekly basis, I know I selected a firm that can point me in the right direction, when it comes to making medical, financial, and legal decisions in regards to my fathers well being.

A special thanks to Caitlyn McStay who guided me through the preliminary phase of setting up a trust agreement along with the surplus pool trust account. Her guidance and advice has been instrumental to me. Kristina Slifkin has been remarkable providing me with consistent feedback on next steps for each stage I encounter with several inquiries.  Lamson & Cutner is the most ideal collaborative team I’ve ever work with! This Firm has changed my personal perspective on the legalities of common issues since I signed that retainer back in December 2013. I have NO regrets whatsoever! Their services are exemplary and have exceeded my expectations.

I highly recommend Lamson & Cutner, P.C with the utmost respect for this firm.”

— Wilfred Cadiz

Extremely Knowledgeable

Lamson and Cutner helped my mom apply to the Medicaid Nursing Home Application after suffering many years with ALS. They are extremely knowledgeable with Elder Law, and handled her affairs diligently and expeditiously. They were meticulous with every detail, and made sure that all the forms, evidence, and supporting artifacts where fully compiled to provide the best case possible for my mom to stay at the nursing home.

Thank you for the excellent service,”

— Alberto

Please Share Our Story

Thank you ever so much for the way your firm protected our family and made sure we were treated in a fair manner during the time in our lives when we needed to admit our parents into their nursing home and apply for government assistance. Please share our story below with your clients.”

My parents, people of limited means, were admitted to a highly respected, world class, nursing home/assisted living facility. I took it upon myself to complete their admission application along with what I felt was a clear delineation of my parents’ assets along with documentation of their finances, bank statements etc. It is my understanding the nursing home presents this information to the Department of Social Services.

As I learned, it is not the nursing home’s job to ensure that the government properly scrutinizes the information presented. The nursing home does not go to bat for the family. In all fairness, their job, first and foremost, is to care for the aged. Finances are another issue.

The Department of Social Services did a poor job in properly assessing my parents’ finances. As a result, many months’ worth of nursing home fees for my father which would normally be paid by the government through Medicaid, were denied. As a result, the nursing home billed us for the unpaid fees, in an amount that eventually hit $111,000.00. My parents had less than $40,00.00 in total assets.

We enlisted the help of Lamson and Cutner to resolve this issue. When the attorneys met with the Department of Social Services and presented my father’ situation with legal documentation, only then did the Department of Social Services agree to approve the Medicaid expenditure for my father, and the bill was satisfied.

The lesson we learned is that specialized legal representation is a necessity in navigating the complex, complicated system that determines a family’s true assets, or lack thereof, when applying for government assistance. Thank you and thank the staff of Lamson and Cutner for a job well done.


— G.W.

Treated Me with Dignity and respect

I retained the law firm of Lamson and Cutner to handle my father’s affairs when moving into a nursing home. At the time I had just terminated a very bad experience with another elder law attorney and I was a bit hesitant to trust anyone. From my first appointment at Lamson and Cutner I could tell that this was going to be a positive experience. They treated me with dignity and respect in every interaction from beginning to end. They always had time to answer my questions and they always responded in a timely fashion. It was a very positive experience and I highly recommend them.”

— Carol Ribner

You Genuinely Care About Your Clients

Dear David,

Thank you just doesn’t quite cover it but I will say it again THANK YOU!!! Thank God [I was] referred to your firm 5 years ago. I am proud to say that thanks to you and Karen Mom had a wonderful life here with me. You made that possible with your Estate planning, Trust creation and advice. The money spent was saved many times over. I still remember the day I received the call that Mom had been approved for coverage and care at home 10 hours/day SEVEN DAYS/WEEK. I had to pull over because I was shaking and I cried!! I hadn’t expected to get approved for that many hours and for that many days. I’d been paying for 2 years AND I covered weekends myself. I was beyond exhausted. It was your calm demeanor and your explanation that convinced Mom to go ahead and engage your Firm. THANK YOU again.

I will see you all again when my Mom’s surviving sister passes and I need to dispose of the house and close down the Trust. Please express my gratitude to Karen as well. It is clear you have a passion for what you do and that you genuinely care about your clients. May God bless you and keep you always!! Sincerely,”

— Millie Torres- a grateful client
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