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Lamson & Cutner’s attorneys are ready to advise you regarding the requirements of both Medicare and Medicaid. Both of these programs are significant for your health care, but only Medicaid covers long-term care.

Medicare is health insurance provided by the Federal Government. Eligibility for Medicare is based on age (65 years or older) or disability. Medicare is funded in part by your payroll deductions for Part A and your premium payments for Parts B, C or D.

Medicaid is a joint Federal – State program of health coverage and long-term care. Eligibility is means tested; in other words, you must qualify based on having very few assets or very little income. Eligibility requirements and benefits differ widely from state to state. New York’s Medicaid program is extremely generous compared to other states.

Lamson & Cutner’s attorneys are well-versed in creating and applying appropriate and proper strategies for you to become eligible for Medicaid, and to protect your assets or income at the same time. To find a discussion of the specific strategies that might be used to help you, please see Find Your Situation.

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