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Some people tend to think of Medicaid as a poverty program, and therefore don’t bother to find out how it might benefit them.

While it’s true that wealthy people might not need or want Medicaid, the fact is that many people who are far from poor can benefit from the program.

Medicaid makes it possible for many to stay in their own homes as long as possible.  Without support from Medicaid, they would run out of money and be unable to pay their own living expenses.  Married couples would find themselves in dire circumstances if all of the couple’s financial resources were used up paying for the care of one spouse.  Similarly, many who need care for themselves are also supporting developmentally disabled children.

The “Medicaid Millionaire” is a myth that critics try to perpetuate to denigrate the program.  Our clients are decent people who need care that threatens to wipe out their life’s savings. We know how to help them get the care that they need, and to protect their assets and their income to the full extent permitted by law.

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