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Eligibility for Community Medicaid is the same as Institutional Medicaid, except there is no “look back.”  Let me say that again, there is no “look back” for Community Medicaid. This means that there is no penalty or prejudice if you transfer assets before you apply for Community Medicaid.

So, the applicant’s total resources must be within the Medicaid eligibility limit, which is $15,450 in 2019.  The limit usually goes up a bit each year, but not by much. Medicaid resources are financial assets and real estate, although the primary residence is an exempt resource as long as your home equity does not exceed $878,000.  Equity above that amount counts as a resource.

Bear in mind, however, that once your home is no longer your primary residence, it loses its exempt status and becomes a Medicaid resource.  Even worse, it may become subject to a claim by Medicaid for reimbursement of the expenses it has incurred. It is hardly ever a good strategy to leave real estate in your name if you are applying for Medicaid.  

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