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Do I Need a Power of Attorney?

In a word, yes.  Many people assume that if need be, a spouse or a child can act on their behalf and take care of anything that needs to be done.  In fact, that’s often not the case.  The issues that may be confronted can go far beyond simply paying bills or hiring an aide.  What we are often concerned about is planning for health care or for long-term care, and that can become complicated.

Without a POA that has adequate powers, your agent or someone acting on your behalf may not be able to help you. So powers of attorney are not equal.  You really need to know what authority you are granting to your agent and you should get good advice on that subject.

If you don’t have a Power of Attorney you may find yourself, or your family may find itself in a difficult position.  Someone will have to apply to the court for guardianship.  This can be a long and expensive process, and one that everyone would prefer to avoid.  A well-structured power of attorney will enable you to do everything you need to, without having to go to court.

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