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Lamson & Cutner is dedicated to providing the most sophisticated, successful, and cost-effective Elder Law services available anywhere. Seniors, and individuals with disabilities, are an extremely vulnerable population.  Our approach is first to listen and understand our clients’ circumstances and goals.  Then, we can inform them regarding applicable laws, and advise them about the strategies we would employ to obtain the care that they need, and to protect their money and property at the same time.   A hallmark of our firm is the ability to explain complex laws and strategies with great clarity.

Elder law and estate planning are our sole practice areas, and we have deep knowledge and experience with solutions that work.  We want our clients to be able to live out their lives with as much comfort, dignity and peace of mind as possible.   From our office in New York City, Lamson & Cutner provides Elder Law services to residents of Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Richmond, Nassau, and Suffolk Counties.  From our office in Harrison, New York, we service clients in Westchester, Rockland, Orange, Putnam, and Dutchess Counties.

Founding partner David Cutner understands firsthand the financial and emotional difficulties clients face with an ailing family member who needs home or institutional care. He watched his own mother suffer a long decline when she reached her 70’s, and spent many years dealing with hospitals, home care aides, nursing homes, and Medicaid. That’s why he insists that every client is treated with the highest level of personal service, courtesy, and respect an Elder Law firm can provide.

Most people are not aware of the benefits available under Federal and New York State laws, and rightly fear financial ruin from long-term care costs. Using proven and reliable strategies, our firm helps clients to protect their assets and qualify for government assistance from Medicaid. The protected assets can be used to supplement their care rather than being quickly exhausted on exorbitant health care costs. We deliver excellent results to grateful clients, many of whom did not believe they could qualify for such generous benefits or avoid depleting their life’s savings.

Elder law services go hand-in-hand with estate planning, and in many cases can enhance the possibility of preserving assets for heirs and beneficiaries.  Lamson & Cutner’s Elder Law solutions typically have an estate planning component.

While Lamson & Cutner’s primary focus is planning, the firm won’t hesitate to go to bat for its clients when they need a strong advocate. Whether the problem is a bank refusing to recognize a valid power of attorney, a financial institution selling an inappropriate investment, or Medicaid making an improper demand for a spousal contribution, Lamson & Cutner will zealously defend its clients’ interests.

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